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Messenger Bags for Girls

Messenger bags for girls today normally have enough room to hold a lot of stuff and come in bright colors and bold designs to the liking of young girls. They are hip and stylish while making heavy loads lighter for the young ladies.

It has a long adjustable strap to be worn cross body over one shoulder. Typically in rectangular shape, there is a large front flap which is fastened with Velcro or buckles. This also gives it a large, straight surface suitable for all sorts of adornments from buttons, patches to pins. It allows the girls to customize their bags with a unique look.

The messenger bag actually has a long history. Couriers from messengers on foot to Pony Express riders have been using them to transport mail and goods. Who would have thought that its popularity would spread from the modern day bicycle messengers in big cities to worldwide.

For School and College

Messenger bags for kids are a good choice for students. Most have the capacity to hold a load of items. There are also pockets and organizers to arrange the stuff.

As a parent shopping for a messenger bag for your girls to bring to school, you should keep in mind a few pointers.

Firstly, make sure the bag is durable. At the least, choose one that looks like it can last for a school year. You want something to fit your child’s body size now. Yet, you want it to be adjustable because young girls can grow up dramatically over a year. Lastly, check that the bag has room to hold all the usual items your girl needs for school.

Large & Big

Big and large messenger bags have their advantage: You can practically dump everything you need into it without having to clear the bag daily.

Modern digital lifestyle has made many electronic gadgets a necessity. From laptop, tablet to MP3 player and cell phone, there are gazillion things a youngster carries today. Add the lipstick, powder, cute girly stuff and accessories, a girl really needs to have a big bag.

Small and Cross Body

Contemporary messenger bags for women are designed as cross body style. Although you can use it as a shoulder bag with its strap hanging over one shoulder, the long adjustable strap is meant to be flung across your body.

If you carry your bag on one shoulder for prolong period, it may cause shoulder and neck pain, especially if the bag is heavy. Cross body bag helps to relieve the strain from your shoulder. You also avoid the frustration of someone constantly knocking off your bag accidentally in a crowded area.

Pony is a Girl’s Best Friend

While a dog may be a man’s best friend, a pony seems to be a better choice for a girl.

Tales of girl-meets-horse are as popular as ever in movies and novels. Somehow, the pony with a psychological problem will only respond to the sensitive nature of the girl. They become best friends and go through the many ups and downs of life, often rescuing other horses from bad guys and winning a silver cup against the odds along the way.

So, is it a big surprise to see horses featured on messenger bags meant for girls?

Not to me anyway.

Plaid Messenger Bags

Talk about plaid and many of us will think of the Scottish kilt. Indeed, it has been in used for ages and is a way of life for some cultures like the Scots. It is also a stylish fashion making its round on many different product designs, messenger bags included.

Plaid patterns are made up of crisscrossing strips in multiple colors, which can be in vertical and horizontal or diagonal fashion. The striped and checked style is classy yet modern, with a touch of country. Modern version comes in many more bold and bright color combinations with various hues.

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