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Are you looking for a gift SHE will love? What about one Best Messenger Bag For Her Laptop

You need to take your laptop or notebook everywhere you go so you need a bag to carry it in. You can pick a boring old backpack or you can pick out a stylish, elegant or just plain cool laptop messenger bag instead.

Choosing the best messenger bag for someone else is always a scary endeavor. If you’re a woman you can sometimes make a pretty good guess. But if you’re a man buying a messenger bag as a gift for a woman, then you’re probably terrified. Here are some 2 tips to help you choose wisely:

How To Choose The Best Messenger Bag For Her Laptop

Leather, Fabric or Vinyl

Most of the time a leather messenger bag will be the most expensive. Not always, but often enough. But leather will also be the most durable. Consider how she’ll be using the bag.

Leather is the first choice if you’re concerned about having a professional appearance. She’ll look much more authoritative walking into a meeting carrying a sleek, leather messenger bag than she will carrying a bag made with some brightly colored floral fabric.

Fabric messenger bags can sometimes be just as expensive as leather, or maybe even more so. Especially if they’re made by a famous designer. Depending on how she’ll use the bag, it may not last as long as a leather bag, but in most cases fabric is washable.

If the woman your buying for is like most women, she probably has several handbags in her closet. She chooses those handbags to match her outfits, her moods, her personality and the occasion. They’re actually pieces of her wardrobe. So keep that in mind when choosing a messenger laptop bag.

Vinyl messenger bags come in a wide range of prices, too. They don’t have the classic appearance of leather but you will find a fun range of colors and styles, and they’re usually pretty easy to wipe clean.

If the woman you’re buying for needs a strong, durable bag or she needs to present a professional image then you’re always safe buying leather. Other than that, there’s no reason not to consider a fabric or vinyl bag. In fact, she’ll probably appreciate the colorful addition to her wardrobe.

Colors and Patterns

Here’s a secret – A lot of women stick to the same color palette just because they’re in a rut. It’s easier to keep buying blue blouses if you know they’ll already go with everything else in your closet. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like pink or purple or chartreuse. Most women would love to take a chance with color but when you’re shopping for yourself – and on a budget – you tend to stick with safe choices.

So when you’re shopping for a laptop messenger bag for that special woman in your life, don’t be afraid to go for something colorful or something with lots of flowers or stripes. If you know she absolutely hates purple then stay away from purple. But go ahead and buy her something that she’d never buy for herself. Who knows? You might just change her life!

Why buy a bag for your laptop or notebook

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